How to clean your sterling silver jewelry

I found this product at Bed, Bath and Beyond when I was in my search for a cheap and easy sterling silver cleaner. 

Check out the videos below!

If you can get it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, that's ideal as it's only $8, but if you can't, I found it on Amazon here.

You literally just submerge your silver in it for like 10-15 seconds, rinse and dry. It removes even the most difficult tarnish. 

One caveat is that it's not ideal for anything that has porous stones, like freshwater peals. I have used it with harder gemstones like moonstones and it doesn't seem to do any damage. Still, to keep on the safe side, I would recommend using a silver polishing cloth for any areas near gemstones, i.e. the setting. This brand has a great polishing cloth, also available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but on Amazon here too.

Since it can be really hard to get chain clean with the polishing cloth however, one hack I use is just dropping the chain in the solution and keeping the stones out, then using the polishing cloth around the stones. 

Do not use this product for gold or gold vermeil. They sell a version of their cleaners for gold jewelry - use those instead. 

Here's a video of the piece prior to cleaning in the solution:


Here's a video of the piece after I cleaned it:

I will be doing a video of how to clean your gold vermeil (18K thick gold plating over sterling silver) jewelry soon too!

BTW if you are interested in the piece I am cleaning, check it out here.

Happy cleaning :)