About Us

Based out of Toronto, Canada, bstrd is our unique, handmade Canadian jewelry line, built on the following pillars: quality, affordability, responsibility and versatility.

bstrd is the creative child of myself Tianna and Andre Bastien (my husband). We are proud designers and parents to 4 lil bstrds (pictured below).

As parents, children are near and dear to our heart. So, $2 from each purchase is donated to the Children of Hope, a Canadian organization of volunteers which supports local and international charities in helping orphaned and destitute children around the world. 

"bstrd" stands for "basteroid," which we jokingly call our kids - Bastien asteroids that have shot out into the universe. I quickly realized this could be shortened to "bstrd" and take on a much edgier look and we decided to use it as our brand name!

I also co-own the brand The Curated Lobe with my best friend Sheira, which focuses on beautifully curated earscapes.

Our goal is simple - to create quality pieces that are on-trend, affordable, responsibly made and offer many unique styling possibilities.

We use fine and demi-fine components in our line - gemstones, 14k solid gold, 18k gold vermeil, 18k gold-plated steel, 14k gold filled and sterling silver. All our metals are recycled, all gemstones are responsibly mined.

What makes our line unique is our truly tireless effort to bring versatility into our designs (i.e. our convertible body chain/choker) to ensure that our customers get the most bang for their buck and are never left wanting.

Thanks for learning a bit about us, we hope you love your stay here!